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Content warning: This game has themes of blood, gore, murder, gun violence and torture.

Please only play this game if these themes do not deeply upset you.

Sofia? is a queer adventure mystery/horror game where you spent the night at your boyfriends place until you are interrupted by an unforeseen guest.

"You are different. You are special. You may just have what it takes to become a god."

Trapped in a seemingly hopeless evening, can you figure out the truth or will you remain forever in the dark?

Sofia? features

✩ 8 unique endings

✩ 50-90 minutes of gameplay

✩ 25 unique illustrations

Additionally, you can purchase the Sofia? Extended Edition for additional features such as:

✩ 2 additional unique endings (for a total of 10 endings)

✩ A bonus room with exclusive background information, an art gallery including every illustration from the game, concept art, unreleased art and an exclusive short comic (8 panels)

✩ After scenarios for 3 of the main endings, featuring 2 new illustrations and a cutscene.